Episode 1

Published on:

26th Sep 2019

Podcasting Culture in Germany With American Expat Nicole of the Expat Cast

What do you do as an expat when your life goal is to collect and share experiences and information? You start a podcast! And that is exactly what American expat in Germany Nicole Palazzo did just after her first year in Freiburg, Germany. We recorded this mini episode on the new Podbean Live app, which was in Beta version. There were some technical issues but we pushed through and I think there is so much useful and interesting information in Nicole's audio story. In fact, she is going to come back and in the future and update us on her expat podcasting life and adventures. Hurrah. ‚Äč

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Geopats Podcasting
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Do you like experimenting with your podcast? In this podcast we talk with Podcasters around the world about how they do what they do. We know that you will be inspired by their creativity, passion and projects.

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I am a podcast addict turned Host, Producer, Editor and Social Media Experimenter. All of my podcasts are driven by my own curiosity to know about things like language, coffee, books, podcasting, and more with a global point of view. Thus, I often chat with guests from many different places worldwide about these topics.